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Jean Sibelius: Viisi joululaulua Op. 1

Five Christmas Songs for mixed choir arranged by Timo Lehtovaara (in Finnish). 1. Joulu saapuu portin luo, 2. Jo on joulu täällä, 3. Jo joutuu ilta, 4. En etsi valtaa loistoa, 5. On hanget korkeat nietokset
55011-269-8, € 9,60 Buy now

Tuule, tuuli leppeämmin
for female choir
55011-271-1, € 3,00 Coming soon

Jean Sibelius: Andante festivo

for saxophone quartet
Transcription by Jari Eskola
Based on the string quartet version with idiomatic adjustments mostly connected to the continuation of the phrases. The double stops of the violin and cello parts are rearranged in a manner more suitable for saxophones, honouring the original texture.
55011-272-8, € 19,50 Buy now


Helppoja etydejä
Koonnut Meri Louhos
Uusintapainos suositusta kokoelmasta. Meri Louhoksen valitsemia helppoja pikkuetydejä, jotka sopivat yhtä hyvin lapsille kuin varttuneemmille aloittelijoillekin, sillä nuotinluku sujuu kahden tai kolmen oktaavin alalla.
55011-197-4, € 18,00 Buy now

Thompsonin pianokoulu

Pienet sormet soittamaan
Alkeisvihko, uusi painos 55011-202-5, € 14,50 Buy now

Thompsonin pianokoulu, 1. osa
uusi painos 55011-203-2, € 19,70 Buy now

Thompsonin pianokoulu, 2. osa
uusi painos 55011-204-9, € 21,90 Buy now

Juhani Nuorvala: Prelude and Toccata

for accordion
The prelude is dominated by a texture in which both hands play the same notes, producing a wriggling heterophonic melody. In the Toccata Nuorvala used the 'standard bass', e.e. chord keys.
55009-928-9, € 18,20 Buy now

Olli Kortekangas

Kirkkaat purot, sameat virrat
for mixed choir, text Kai Nieminen (Finnish)
55009-826-8, € 4,50 Buy now

The Return
for mixed choir, text Wendell Berry (English)
55011-273-5, € 18,70 Coming soon

for children's choir, text Kalevala etc. (Fin/Eng/Spanish)
5011-064-9, € 4,50 Coming soon

Timo-Juhani Kyllönen: Merisarja

for female choir
A work dating from 2002 in three movements. The texts are by Tommy Tabermann and Kyllönen (in Finnish).
55011-070-0, € 10,10 Coming soon

Matthew Whittall

Devil's Gate
for oboe, bassoon and piano
A work premiered in 2015 drawing its inspiration from the scenery on Lapland and the joyful and bubbly combination of instruments.
Parts: 55011-245-2, € 36,20 Buy now

Double Entendre
for two guitars
55011-273-5, € 24,80 Coming soon

Paavo Heininen: Small Wolfstock

for saxophone quartet
This eight-minute work for saxophone quartet dates from 1996 and derives from Heininen's big band work "Wolfstock". The first movement "Pup" is like a musical portrait of [Read more...]puppies playing about. Tranquil second movement "Bitch" sees the mother laying in the den, watching the little ones, while the last, "Werewolf", is a joyful portrayal of a hunting werewulf.
55011-267-4, € 36,40 Buy now

Jean Sibelius: Piano Miniatures / Pianominiatyyrejä

A collection of 24 most popular piano miniatures by Jean Sibelius, among them the Etude, Spruce, Romance in D-flat and Aquileja – his best-loved and most frequently-performed piano favourites. Also included are the delicate Op. 40 Valsette and Berceuse, and the virtuosic Polonaise. This is a new edition based on material in the complete critical edition of Sibelius’s works.
55001-259-9, € 29,90 Buy now

Jyrki Linjama: Sonata da Chiesa II

This piece for organ was composed in 2014 and the first performance took place in Helsinki by Jan Lehtola, who commissioned the work. The duration is ca. 23 minutes.
55011-258-2, € 28,20 Buy now

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24 most beloved Sibelius miniatures

Sibelius Piano Miniatures

Valsette Op. 40/1
Chant sans paroles Op. 40/2
Menuetto Op. 40/4
Polonaise Op. 40/10
Berceuse Op. 40/5
Etude Op. 76/2
Souvenir Op. 99/3
Pièce enfantine Op. 76/8
Elegiaco Op. 76/10
Kleiner Walzer Op. 97/3
Impromptu Op. 99/4
Couplet Op. 99/5
Kuusi (Granen, The Spruce) Op. 75/5
Joueur de harpe (The Harper) Op. 34/8
Reconnaissance Op. 34/9
Souvenir Op. 34/10
Valse Op. 34/1
Aquileja (The Snapdragon) Op. 85/4
Impromptu Op. 97/5
Danse Op. 94/1
Nouvellette Op. 94/2
Impromptu Op. 5/6
Romance Op. 24/9
Till trånaden (Ikävöinnille, To Longing)

Piano Day / Pianopäivä

24 catchy pieces for piano
Make today Piano Day. You won’t be disappointed! These pieces by Mirka Vähtäri dream, dare, swing – and will get you hooked. They will also develop your skills and technique with their carefully-devised pedagogical approach. Some of the pieces are easy and suitable for beginners, but there are also some for more advanced pianists. And a few of them are for four hands.
“I simply loved this collection. I felt I was opening a treasure chest! The compositions are fresh, pianistic, and sit well under the hands. They are also well thought-out pedagogically providing practice in various techniques and especially interpretation (e.g. The Dreamer). Some of the pieces are sure to be real hits: Rain and Waves is brilliant for the first few piano lessons: a welcome alternative to Chopsticks!”  
Kristiina Jääskeläinen, Piano Teacher, DocMus
See also samples of other pieces:
Morning Chores / Aamuaskareita
Ringtone / Soittoääni
At the Zoo / Eläintarhassa

Colour Keys Colourkeys
Colour Keys
An inspiring and colourful tutor for small piano players.

Read more and browse sample pages.

The Teacher's guides are available in our web shop. Book B will be published during November-December 2015.

Colourstrings - The colourful method for young string players which is taught all over the world

Colourstrings is the unique method for young string players developed by Géza and Csaba Szilvay. It has produced several enthusiasts and many fine string players around the world.
The violin method is complete with 6 Colourstrings Violin ABC Books and other material. The Cello ABC Book has been published in 2 volumes, and there are the A books available for viola and double bass.

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