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Einojuhani Rautavaara: I min älsklings trädgård / In My Lover’s Garden

for female choir (SSAA)
A suite of three choral songs to texts by Edith Södergran, English translation by Jaakko Mäntyjärvi (Swe/Eng)
1. In the Great Wide Woodlands (I de stora skogarna)
2. In between Grey Stones (Mellan gråa stenar)
3. Lucky Cat (Lyckokatt)
55011-222-3, € 10,40 Buy now

Mirka Vähtäri: Piano Day / Pianopäivä

These 24 polished piano pieces are a source of delight and entertainment and some of them are sure to be real hits! They will also develop your skills and technique with their carefully-devised pedagogical approach. Some of the pieces are easy and suitable for beginners, but there are also some gems for more advanced pianists. And a few of them are for four hands. You will simply love this collection!
55011-221-6, € 24,60 Buy now

Mihkel Kerem: Sonatas for Violin and Piano Nos. 1 -3

Mihkel Kerem, Estonian-born composer and violinist, composed his first violin sonatas when he was very young; however, to the listener they sound mature, intense and even passionate.
No. 1: 55011-216-2, € 36,40 Buy now
No. 2: 55011-217-9, € 36,40 Buy now
No. 3: 55011-218-6, € 36,40 Buy now

Harri Wessman: Five Trumpet Pieces for Alevtina Parland

for trumpet (in Bb) and piano
Wessman has composed a wealth of instrumental pieces for performers that he knows personally. These trumpet pieces were premiered by Alevtina Parland and Cecilia Wessman in 2011, and they offer inspiring, new repertoire especially suited for students.
55011-223-0, € 14,90 Buy now

Toivo Kuula: Collected Works for Violin / Kootut Viuluteokset

This collection of Toivo Kuula's violin works was carefully edited by Sirkka Kuula. It includes also works not previously published. Together with the violin sonatas, to be published in 2015, Toivo Kuula's complete violin oeuvre will be available for all music enthusiasts.
See the list of contents
55011-183-7, € 38,40 Buy now

Timo-Juhani Kyllönen: Accordion Concerto

Piano reduction with solo part
A work chosen as one of the set pieces for the Klingenthal International Accordion Competition on May 4–8, 2015. This colourful concerto was composed in 2000-01 and its spicy rhythmic figures reflect Kyllönen’s many visits to Latin America.
55011-219-3, € 39,50 Buy now

Kalevi Aho: Solo VI, VIII & XI

Solo VI for double bass
55009-691-2, € 16,60 Buy now
Solo VIII for euphonium
55009-693-6, € 14,00 Buy now
Solo XI for guitar
55011-215-5, € 12,70 Buy now

Jyrki Linjama: Engel-Variationen / Enkelivariaatioita

New and inspiring chamber music for two violins: The first part is well suited for small players. This 6-minute work is a suite of variations from the well known song "Es sungen drei Engel".
Uutta ja innostavaa kamarimusiikkia kahdelle viululle: pikkuviulistille (n. 2/3-taso) ja vaikkapa opettajalle (n. D-taso). Linjaman 6-minuuttinen variaatiosarja perustuu tuttuun lauluun "Ken kuullut on laulua enkelien". 55011-162-2, € 14,90 Buy now

Jaana Laasonen: Colour Flute, Book B

This delightful method uses colours, solmisation and an abundance of folk music material. It supplies a solid foundation for improvisation, ensemble playing and overall musicianship. All in all the Colour Flute method - based on Szilvay's popular Colourstrings - makes learning the flute fun!
Book B: 55011-172-1, € 36,50 Buy now

Also available Teacher's Guide for Book A (in Finnish) Buy now

Jean Sibelius: Kukkasarja / The Flowers Op. 85

This new, beautiful edition is based on material in the complete critical edition of Sibelius’s works. The Flower Suite is an elegant Sibelius opus for piano. Like the trees, the flowers in the garden of Ainola, his home, also spoke to him.
1. Bellis, 2. Oeillet, 3. Iris, 4. Acquileja, 4. Campanula
55011-171-4, € 19,80 Buy now

Jean Sibelius: Puusarja / The Trees Op. 75

This edition is also based on material in the complete critical edition of Sibelius’s works. It includes some of the best-loved piano pieces by Jean Sibelius including The Spruce – one of the works by Sibelius most frequently performed.
1. Kun pihlaja kukkii / När rönnen blommar / When the Rowan Blossoms, 2. Yksinäinen honka / Den ensamma furan / The Solitary Pine, 3. Haapa / Aspen / The Aspen, 4. Koivu / Björken / The Birch, 5. Kuusi / Granen / The Spruce
55011-174-5, € 19,80 Buy now

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Piano Day / Pianopäivä

24 catchy pieces for piano by Mirka Vähtäri
Make today Piano Day. You won’t be disappointed! These pieces dream, dare, swing – and will get you hooked. They will also develop your skills and technique with their carefully-devised pedagogical approach. Some of the pieces are easy and suitable for beginners, but there are also some for more advanced pianists. And a few of them are for four hands.

“I simply loved this collection. I felt I was opening a treasure chest! The compositions are fresh, pianistic, and sit well under the hands. They are also well thought-out pedagogically providing practice in various techniques and especially interpretation (e.g. The Dreamer). Some of the pieces are sure to be real hits: Rain and Waves is brilliant for the first few piano lessons: a welcome alternative to Chopsticks!”
Kristiina Jääskeläinen, Piano Teacher, DocMus

See also samples of other pieces:
Morning Chores / Aamuaskareita
Ringtone / Soittoääni
At the Zoo / Eläintarhassa

Colour Keys Colourkeys
Colour Keys
An inspiring and colourful tutor for small piano players.

Read more and browse sample pages.
The Teacher's guides are now available in our web shop!

Colourstrings - The colourful method for young string players which is taught all over the world

Colourstrings is the unique method for young string players developed by Géza and Csaba Szilvay. It has produced several enthusiasts and many fine string players around the world.
The violin method is complete with 6 Colourstrings Violin ABC Books and other material. The Cello ABC Book has been published in 2 volumes, and there are the A books available for viola and double bass.

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