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Jaana Laasonen: Colour Flute, Book B

This delightful method uses colours, solmisation and an abundance of folk music material. It supplies a solid foundation for improvisation, ensemble playing and overall musicianship. All in all the Colour Flute method - based on Szilvay's popular Colourstrings - makes learning the flute fun!
Book B: 55011-172-1, € 36,50 Buy now

Also available Teacher's Guide for Book A (in Finnish) Buy now

Jean Sibelius: Kukkasarja / The Flowers Op. 85

This new, beautiful edition is based on material in the complete critical edition of Sibelius’s works. The Flower Suite is an elegant Sibelius opus for piano. Like the trees, the flowers in the garden of Ainola, his home, also spoke to him.
1. Bellis, 2. Oeillet, 3. Iris, 4. Acquileja, 4. Campanula
55011-171-4, € 19,80 Buy now

Jean Sibelius: Puusarja / The Trees Op. 75

This edition is also based on material in the complete critical edition of Sibelius’s works. It includes some of the best-loved piano pieces by Jean Sibelius including The Spruce – one of the works by Sibelius most frequently performed.
1. Kun pihlaja kukkii / När rönnen blommar / When the Rowan Blossoms, 2. Yksinäinen honka / Den ensamma furan / The Solitary Pine, 3. Haapa / Aspen / The Aspen, 4. Koivu / Björken / The Birch, 5. Kuusi / Granen / The Spruce
55011-174-5, € 19,80 Buy now

Géza Szilvay: Kreutzerini

42 Mini-studies for violin in order to develop a pitch-sensitive ear and fingers – supplementary material for the Colourstrings Violin ABC Book B.
55011-173-8, € 16,50 Buy now

Csaba Szilvay: Piattini

for cello
Csaba Szilvay’s edition is a cello fingerboard orientation using an etude by Alfredo Piatti: one bar, one page, one lesson.
55011-157-8, € 15,50 Buy now

Arja Suorsa-Rannanmäki: Colour Keys the Piano ABC, Teacher's Guide A

Colour Keys is designed for young begin­ners. As a child-centered method it intro­duces new musical concepts in the simplest man­ner possible. The coloured staff is constructed gradually from a single-line staff into a five-line staff. The teacher’s guide is now available in Finnish and in English.
55011-168-4 (in Finnish) € 5,80 Buy now
55011-169-1 (in English) € 5,80 Buy now

Kalevi Aho: Rakkaus on musta leijona (Love Is a Black Lion)

for female choir or female quartet (SSAA)
Text: Mawlana Rumi, transl. into Finnish by Jaakko Hämeen-Anttila
Kalevi Aho's impressive interpretation of Rumi's powerful poem was composed in 2003.
55011-175-2, € 3,00 Buy now

Lars Karlsson: Åländsk symfoni

for mixed choir
Text: Elmer Diktonius (in Swedish).
The sea has often been an inspiration to Lars Karlsson, born on the island of Åland. His choral Åländsk symfoni (Symphony from Åland) is composed to Elmer Diktonius’s text, which is also constructed as a kind of symphony.
ISMN 979-0-55011-176-9, € 3,50 Buy now

Jyrki Linjama: Barcarolle

for violin and piano
Linjama’s new work is commissioned by Kaija Saarikettu and premiered on 3 June 2014 in Helsinki by Kaija Saarikettu (violin) and Sonja Fräki (piano).
55011-177-6, € 28,10 Buy now

Suomalaisia yksinlauluja 1-2 (Finnish Solo Songs)

A new edition of a popular collection that includes solo songs by Sibelius, Kilpinen, Kuula, Merikanto, Madetoja, Sallinen, Rautavaara and others. Available in two volumes for high, middle or low voice.
Volume 1: 55009-243-3 (high), 55009-244-0 (middle),
55009-245-7 (low)
€ 40,60 (see the contents)
Volume 2: 55009-246-4 (high), 55009-247-1 (middle),
55009-248-8 (low)
€ 43,00 (see the contents)

Csaba Szilvay: Cello ABC (Books C and D)

Two new parts of the popular Colourstring cello school are now available. Most songs in the books are introduced in positions where the melody can be played with natural harmonics.
55009-479-6  (Book C), € 30,40 Buy now
55009-480-2  (Book D), € 27,00 Buy now

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Colour Keys Colourkeys
Colour Keys
An inspiring and colourful tutor for small piano players.

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Colourstrings - The colourful method for young string players which is taught all over the world

Colourstrings is the unique method for young string players developed by Géza and Csaba Szilvay. It has produced several enthusiasts and many fine string players around the world.
The violin method is complete with 6 Colourstrings Violin ABC Books and other material. The Cello ABC Book has been published in 2 volumes, and there are the A books available for viola and double bass.

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