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Fennica Gehrman Oy Ab

Fennica Gehrman is a Finnish music publishing company founded in 2002 and subsidiary of Gehrmans musikförlag. Our comprehensive selection of music includes a large volume of vocal, chamber and instrumental music as well as orchestral works. We represent several Finnish composers from Jean Sibelius to such contemporary names as Einojuhani Rautavaara, Kalevi Aho, Kimmo Hakola, Mikko Heiniö and Olli Kortekangas. We also publish some Estonian composers including Veljo Tormis.

Our catalogue consists of close to 12 000 titles and we have a broad platform for publishing music with roots stretching back more than a hundred years. Fennica Gehrman is the publisher of classical catalogues earlier owned by Fazer Music and Warner/Chappell Music Finland.

Fennica Gehrman Oy Ab

PO Box 158
FI-00121 Helsinki, Finland (Visiting address: Lönnrotinkatu 20)

E-mail: info(at)
Hire orders: hire(at)
Production: tuotanto(at)
Fax + 358-103871221 (in Finland: 010 3871221)

Ari Nieminen, Publishing Manager (print and publishing, licensing and copyright)
Tel. + 358-40-8370629 (in Finland 040-8370629)

Henna Salmela, Export and Promotion Manager (marketing, communications, Composers&Repertoire, licensing and copyright)
Tel. + 358-50-4417572 (in Finland 050-4417572) 

Jari Eskola, Senior Editor (projects, platforms, print on demand, new publications)
Tel. + 358-50-4417573 (in Finland 050-4417573)

Susanna Lehtinen, Hire Librarian & Licensing Assistant (orders, invoicing, print licensing)
Tel. + 358-103871220 (in Finland 010-3871220)

Jukka Jokitalo, Hire Librarian (orders, invoicing, materials)
Tel. + 358-50-4417574 (in Finland 050-4417574)

Maria Westö, Promotion assistant (on Mondays and Wednesdays)
Tel. + 358-40-5059814


VAT-number FI 17901665