Click here for sound samples and information about selected composers whose works we represent. Our catalogues cover a broad spectrum of contemporary and classical music from Finland and Estonia. We also represent works by Shostakovich, Prokofieff and Khachaturian in Finland.
Please note that the list is not comprehensive and it is based on composers listed in our hire catalogue. If you do not find the composer or the publication you are looking for, please contact us for further information. Archive copies are available e.g. from ostinato(at)


Anniversary list


Pehr Henrik Nordgren: 75th anniversary of birth on 19 January
Kalevi Aho: 70 on 9 March
Pekka Kostiainen: 75 on 16 March
Harri Wessman: 70 on 29 March
Tommi Kärkkäinen: 50 on 15 June
Armas Järnefelt: 150th anniversary of birth on 14 August
Erkki-Sven Tüür: 60 on 16 October

Lotta Wennäkoski: 50 on 8 February
Aulis Sallinen: 85 on 9 April
Lepo Sumera: 70th anniversary of birth on 8 May
Veljo Tormis: 90 on 7 August
Pekka Jalkanen: 75 on 5 September
Urmas Sisask: 60 on 9 September

Erkki Salmenhaara: 80th anniversary of birth on 12 March
Kari Tikka: 75 on 13 April
Eero Hämeenniemi: 70 on 29 April
Erkki Jokinen: 80 on 16 October
Joonas Kokkonen: Centenary of birth on 13 November
Jüri Reinvere: 50 on 2 December
Juhani Nuorvala: 60 on 5 December

Yrjö Kilpinen: 130th anniversary of birth on 4 February
Herman Rechberger: 75 on 14 February
Matti Rautio: centenary of birth on 22 February
Fridrich Bruck: 85 on 18 September
Ilmari Hannikainen: 130th anniversary of birth on 19 October
Juha T. Koskinen: 50 on 26 October