Nordic Highlights 1/2020

Highlights is our newsletter focusing on classical and contemporary music from the Nordic countries. You can download the most recent Highlights and find here in-depth material of music presented in it.

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Satu Simola: Hiiri (The Mouse)

A story for narrator and chamber orchestra (or ensemble)

The Mouse is a musical fairytale about a mouse who lives alone inside a monster machine as a protection from the world. However, inside the machine the mouse feels lonely. One day a paradise bird lands on the machine and the mouse has to choose whether he will chase it away or if he will open up to friendship.
The Mouse is composed for children as a family concert experience. The story proceeds with narration and the material includes pictures that can be projected onto the stage.

Read the story (in Finnish)
Read the story (in English)
See the score

Seppo Pohjola: String Quartet No. 3