Mikko Heiniö commissions

The University of Turku has commissioned Mikko Heiniö to compose a work for its centenary celebrations in 2020. Titled Syvyyden yllä tuuli (Wind above the Depths), it will be premiered in February 2020 and at the degree ceremony in May. It is scored for baritone, mixed choir and orchestra and will be performed by the Turku Philharmonic and the Turku University Choir. Heiniö has also written a work for The Polytech Choir, titled Täällä, kaikkialla (Here, Everywhere), to be performed as part of the choir’s 120th anniversary in spring 2020. It is based on poems by Juha Vakkuri (1946-2019). Heiniö was awarded in September when the Finnish Music Publishers Association chose him as Classical Composer of the Year.