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Csaba Szilvay: Cello ABC (Books A-B)

The first part of the revised Colourstrings Cello School changes learning to playful activity with astonishing results.The second book is an extensive tutor including 145 pages. It introduces the pieces in positions where the melody can be played with natural harmonics. This will greatly help the student to develop correct intonation.
ISMN 979-0-55009-477-2 (Book A) Buy now
ISMN 979-0-55009-478-9 (Book B)  Buy now

Csaba Szilvay: Cello ABC (Books C and D)

Two new parts of the popular Colourstring cello school are now available. Most songs in the books are introduced in positions where the melody can be played with natural harmonics.
55009-479-6  (Book C), € 30,40 Buy now
55009-480-2  (Book D), € 27,00 Buy now

Csaba Szilvay: Cello ABC - Daily Cello Technique

These cello exercises complement the Colourstrings Cello ABC method but can also be used independently. They are for bowing, fingers, shifting, intonation, scales, moders, tone quality, vibrato, harmonics, transformation, whole tone scale, distance scale, chromatic scale and the alternative positions for the same pitch.  
55011-277-3 € 37,90 Buy now

Csaba Szilvay: Colourstrings Cello ABC: Book G

Colourstrings Cello ABC Book G continues the cello ABC series. The focus is on scales and modes, positions and intonation, parallel and relative keys, whole tone scale, chromatic scale, twelve-tone technique and distance scales.
55009-483-3 € 64,00 Buy now

Csaba Szilvay: Piattini

for cello
Csaba Szilvay’s edition is a cello fingerboard orientation using an etude by Alfredo Piatti: one bar, one page, one lesson.
55011-157-8, € 15,50 Buy now

Géza Szilvay: Colourstrings Violin ABC (Books A–F)

The popular Colourstrings violin tutors are designed for children aged from 4 years and are available in 6 volumes. Suitable also for group teaching they make music reading easy right from the start. The strings are symbolized by four characters and different colours. Colourstrings is the first violin method that makes use of natural harmonics in first position to teach the left hand optimal, relaxed position.
ISMN 979-0-55009-325-6 (Book A) Buy now
979-0-55009-326-3 (Book B) Buy now
979-0-55009-327-0 (Book C) Buy now
979-0-55009-328-7 (Book D) Buy now
979-0-55009-543-4 (Book E) Buy now
979-0-55009-544-1 (Book F) Buy now

Géza Szilvay: Kreutzerini

42 Mini-studies for violin in order to develop a pitch-sensitive ear and fingers – supplementary material for the Colourstrings Violin ABC Book B.
55011-173-8, € 16,50 Buy now

Géza Szilvay: Scales and arpeggios for children 3 / Asteikkoja ja murtosointuja lapsille 3

This book uses tonic solfa to acquaint small violin students with major and melodic minor scales and major and minor arpeggios, played over one and two octaves. 55011-268-1, € 25,10 Buy now

Géza Szilvay: Supplementary Material

Appendix to the Colourstrings Violin ABC Book D
Supplementary pages for the D Book deal with finger patterns, portato, bouncing bow etc.
55011-234-6, € 10,70 Buy now

Géza Szilvay: Violin ABC - Piano accompaniments for books E & F

An album including easy piano accompaniments to the last parts (E and F) of the Colourstrings Violin ABC.
ISMN 979-0-55009-642-4
Price: € 45,10 (incl. VAT 10%) Buy now

Géza Szilvay: Violin ABC – Handbook for teachers and parents

Detailed guides for teachers and parents – including over 100 pages – in six different languages.
In Finnish (979-0-55009-594-6) Buy now
In English (979-0-55009-595-3) Buy now
In French (979-0-55009-598-4) Buy now
In Hungarian (979-0-55009-596-0) Buy now
In Italian (979-0-55009-597-7) Buy now
In German (979-0-55009-569-4) Buy now

Géza Szilvay: Violin Scales for Children 1-2 / Tonleitern für Kinder 1-2 / Viuluasteikkoja lapsille 1-2

The first book introduces major and natural minor scales. The main purpose, in addition to playing the scales, is to learn the names of the notes, to write and to recognize them as well on the staff as on the fingerboard. In the second book pupils become acquainted with chromatically altered tones and with major and natural minor scales based on them.
Book 1: 979-0-55009-588-5 Buy now
Book 2: 979-0-55009-589-2 Buy now

Géza Szilvay: Yellow Pages - Piano accompaniments

An extensive 150-page book including piano accompaniments to the Colourstrings Violin School's three Yellow Pages books.
ISMN 979-0-55011-006-9
Price: € 51,10 (incl. VAT 10%) Buy now

Géza Szilvay: Yellow Pages of the Colourstrings Violin School

The three Yellow Pages books offer pedagogical material to violin teachers and their students in order to develop the feeling of pulse, to assist the mastering of all rhythms and their combinations, to help build basic knowledge on ornaments and to create a solid basis for virtuosic bow technique.
1. Basic Rhythms (ISMN 979-0-55009-545-8) Buy now
2. Basic Rhythms and Ornaments (55009-640-0) Buy now
3. Basic Bowings (55009-641-7) Buy now

Lasse Lagercrantz: Colourstrings Double Bass ABC (Book A)

Colourstrings tutor for double bass is designed by Lasse Lagercrantz, who has worked in close collaboration with Géza and Csaba Szilvay and is the specialist double bass tutor of the famous Helsinki Strings junior orchestra.
ISMN 979-0-55009-578-6 Buy now

László Rossa - Géza Szilvay: Duettini

for two violins 
In these miniature duos, the easy first violin part is taken from the A volume of the Colourstrings Violin ABC. To aid the child’s reading it appears with child-friendly coloured notation. 
ISMN 979-0-55011-101-1, € 24,10 Buy now

László Rossa – Géza & Csaba Szilvay: Violin/Cello Rascals (Viulu/Selloviikarit)

Easy Colourstrings concert pieces previously published in separate albums. The piano accompaniment books are available in 3 volumes and both the violin and cello parts are sold separately in 7 volumes.
Piano accompaniment books
: Book 1-2-3: 979-0-55009-554-0 Buy now, Book 4-5: 979-0-55009-570-0 Buy now, Book 6-7: 979-0-55009-555-7 Buy now
Violin parts
: 1: 55009-556-4 Buy now, 2: 55009-557-1 Buy now, 3: 55009-558-8 Buy now, 4: 55009-571-7 Buy now, 5: 55009-572-4 Buy now, 6: 55009-559-5 Buy now, 7: 55009-560-1 Buy now
Cello parts
: 1: 55009-561-8 Buy now, 2: 55009-562-5 Buy now, 3: 55009-563-2 Buy now, 4: 55009-573-1 Buy now, 5: 55009-574-8 Buy now, 6: 55009-564-9 Buy now, 7: 55009-565-6 Buy now

László Rossa – Géza Szilvay: Chamber Music for Young String Players I-III

Easy arrangements and inspiring supplementary material for the Colourstrings method for three violins and cello ad lib. (revised edition).
Book I: 979-0-55009-551-9 Buy now
Book II: 979-0-55009-552-6 Buy now
Book III: 979-0-55009-553-3 Buy now

László Rossa – Géza Szilvay: Colourstrings Violin Duos I – III

These violin duos based on folk songs and arranged by László Rossa were designed for the Colourstrings method but can also be used independently. They are designed to give children a taste of the enjoyment of playing together and offer plenty of inspiring material. The duos can also be played by violin groups.
Volume I: 979-55009-303-4 Buy now
Volume II: 979-55009-304-1 Buy now
Volume III: 979-55009-305-8 Buy now

László Rossa – Géza Szilvay: Sonatini

for violin and piano
This publication paves the way for intimate chamber music and recital playing. The melodies of the violin part are taken from the early volumes of the Colourstrings Violin ABC. 
violin part ISMN 979-0-55011-102-8, € 26,00 Buy now
piano accompaniment 55011-103-5, € 24,10 Buy now
(incl. VAT 10%).

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