This new collection includes works for violin and piano by Finnish women composers 1886-1936 edited by Mirka Malmi & Tiina Karakorpi. Included are rich and expressive pieces written for concert use, as well as delightful salon pieces. There is also exciting information about these forgotten composers which are now brought to light: Agnes Tschetschulin, Ida Moberg, Minna von Knorring, Betzy Holmberg, Laura Netzel and Ingeborg von Bronsart. A CD by Alba Records is also available. 55011-719-8, € 26,90 Buy now.

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Robert Kajanus (1856-1933) was a highly influential Finnish conductor and composer. He studied in Helsinki and Germany, established the Helsinki Orchestra Society (later Helsinki Philharmonic) and its orchestra school, and was the orchestra's chief conductor for over 50 years. Kajanus is often remembered as a conductor, but he was indeed a skilled composer whose music is largely unknown. This Urtext volume, edited by Sebastian Silén, contains all of Kajanus's works for violin - his own instrument.
55011-723-5, 24,50 € Buy now

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Lasse Enersen is best known for his music for film and television (The Unknown Soldier, Omerta 6/12 and Tom of Finland). Enersen's chamber choir work "Agua Nocturna" won the Hymnia Waterworks composition contest in 2004. Set on Octavio Paz's dramatic poem of the same name, is an atmospheric work, solo cello adding to the mysterious ambience. The 6-minute piece's choir is divided into SSAATTBB.
55011-737-2, 5,90 € Buy now

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These delightful piano pieces are now available as downloadable and printable PDF editions:


Jenny Elfving:
-Berceuce for Märtha, 55016-602-8, € 5,90 Buy now
-Prelude, 55016-601-1, € 4,90 Buy now

Karl Flodin:
-2 Klaverstycken, 55016-625-7, € 5,90 Buy now
-Gavotte de Mona Lisa, 55016-624-0, € 5,90 Buy now
-Suite mignonne, 55016-623-3, € 7,90 Buy now
-Valse tendre, 55016-622-6, € 4,90 Buy now

Erik Fordell:
-Ilta kaislikossa, 55016-626-4, € 4,90 Buy now

Ilmari Hannikainen:
-Berceuse Op. 4/2, 55016-593-9, € 4,90 Buy now
-Virvatuli (Scherzo), 55016-591-5, € 5,90 Buy now
-Gavotte from the ballet Cinderella, 55016-592-2, € 4,90 Buy now

Heino Kaski:
-Ballade Op. 1/1, 55016-594-6, € 5,90 Buy now

Yrjö Kilpinen:
-Trauermarsch I, 55016-603-5, € 4,90 Buy now

Toivo Kuula:
-Barcarolle Op. 37/2, 55016-614-1, € 4,90 Buy now
-Nocturne Op. 26/4, 55016-615-8, € 5,90 Buy now
-Pastorale Op. 26/2, 55016-616-5, € 5,90 Buy now
-Piirileikki Op. 26/1, 55016-617-2, € 4,90 Buy now
-Virta venhettä vie Op. 37/1, 55016-618-9, € 5,90 Buy now

Taneli Kuusisto:
-Sonatina II, 55016-613-4, € 7,90 Buy now

Ernst Linko:
-3 Bagatelle Op. 13, 55016-605-9, € 5,90 Buy now
-Suite pour piano Op. 1, 55016-606-6, € 7,90 Buy now

Erkki Melartin: From the play "Sleeping Beauty"
-Overture, 55016-562-5, € 5,90 Buy now
-Menuetto, 55016-560-1, € 4,90 Buy now
-Dance of the Gnomes, 55016-564-9, € 4,90 Buy now
-Waltz, 55016-559-5, € 5,90 Buy now

Erkki Melartin:
-Stimmungen - 6 pieces for piano Op. 54, 55016-563-2, € 6,90 Buy now

Aarre Merikanto:
-Lieder ohne Worte Op. 2, 55016-595-3, € 5,90 Buy now

Oskar Merikanto:
-Dance of the Fairies, 55016-566-3, € 5,90 Buy now
-Melancholie & Scherzo, 55016-620-2, € 5,90 Buy now
-Minä olen yksin Op. 56, 55016-621-9, € 5,90 Buy now
-Nuorisolle (Suite for youth) Op. 92, 55016-600-4, € 7,90 Buy now
-Surumarssi Z. Topeliuksen kuoleman johdosta Op. 92, 55016-619-6, € 5,90 Buy now

Usko Meriläinen:
Tre notturni, 55016-599-1, € 5,90 Buy now

Selim Palmgren:
-Prélude, Illusion & Etude Op. 1, 55016-587-8, € 5,90 Buy now
-Suite Op. 3, 55016-588-5, € 8,90 Buy now

Sulho Ranta:
-Kesäisiä päiviä (Summer Pictures suite) Op. 78, 55016-596-0, € 6,90 Buy now
-Toccata, Adagio & Fuga Op. 50, 55016-597-7, € 5,90 Buy now

Matti Rautio:
-Suita per piano, 55016-598-4, € 8,90 Buy now

Ahti Sonninen:
-Suite from the ballet Pessi & Illusia, 55016-565-6, € 10,90 Buy now


Rikhard Faltin (arr.):
-Porilaisten marssi, 55016-607-3, € 4,90 Buy now

Emil Genetz (arr. Merikanto):
-Herää Suomi!, 55016-612-7, € 4,90 Buy now

Erkki Melartin:
-Marionnettes suite Op. 1, 55016-608-0, € 9,90 Buy now

Oskar Merikanto:
-Hungarian march Op. 46, 55016-609-7, € 4,90 Buy now
-Valse mélancolique, 55016-611-0, € 4,90 Buy now

Fredrik Pacius:
-Suomen laulu & Maamme, 55016-610-3, € 2,90 Buy now

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The volume G of the Colourstrings Violin ACB tutors by Géza Szilvay studies every position of the violin in a separate volume. It offers art-pedagogical material in order to read confidently in the positions, to master the shifting movements and to understand why and when to use a particular position.
Book G3 (Fourth position) 55011-596-5, 37,50 € Buy now
Book G4 (Fifth position) 55011-597-2, 37,50 € Buy now
Piano accompaniments for books G3 & G4 55011-693-1, 38,50 € Buy now

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Concert Overture is a 12-minute work for small orchestra. Sibelius conducted the premiere performance in Turku, Finland in April 1900. The work has not been performed since the first years of the 20th century. Concert Overture has its origins in stage work ”Jungfrun i tornet”, and is in a way hidden inside of the stage music. Conductor and scholar Tuomas Hannikainen discovered the existence of the overture during his research in 2019. He has edited and reconstructed the work.
Study score 55011-734-1, 24,50 € Buy now

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Post-Tarrega Stress Funk (2020) is a whirlwind showcase piece for the guitar. Exceptionally demanding technically, it was composed for the guitar virtuoso Otto Tolonen, who premiered the work at the Amsterdam Concertgebouw in february 2020. A download link to practice score is included in the printed version.
55011-732-7, 21,20 € Buy now
Also available as downloadable pdf edition:
55016-590-8, 21,20 € Buy now

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This raucous and technically somewhat challenging suite for clarinet and piano is a musical portrait gallery of the Seven Brothers by playwright Aleksis Kivi. They all get musical pictures played by Aapeli, a character also appearing in the play. The solo part is available both in B-flat and E-flat transpositions.
55011-733-4, 16,50 € Buy now

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Often referred as the "romantic modernist", Lars Karlsson has followed his own distinctive route on the Finnish contemporary music scene. Two spiritual songs have been composed in a span of over 40 years.
55011-731-0, 14,50 € Buy now

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The work for solo violin (1994) opens with Bach-like Vivace followed by a singing Larghetto. The final Allegro has an energetic character which on account of its melody and its clusters of chords is reminiscent of Bartók's violin compositions.
55011-724-2, 12,50 € Buy now

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The vast vocal work of Ilkka Kuusisto has numerous masterpieces which we are bringing to public knowledge.

Viisi laulua Helena Anhavan runoihin (Five Songs to poems by H. Anhava) for mezzo-soprano & piano (1993) includes various styles from ragtime to waltz and gentle ballade to Finnish texts.
55011-727-3, 14,50 € Buy now

Do not stand at my grave and weep for soprano & piano (2020) where the powerful poem of anonymous writer consoles at the moment of seemingly absolute loss, supported by beautiful vocal line.
55011-728-0, 10,00 € Buy now

Käytännön filosofiaa pienille punamuurahaisille (Practical philosophy to small red ants) for voice & piano (1976) includes five philosophical songs with natural touch to poems (in Finnish) by Kari Saviniemi.
55011-729-7, 14,50 € Buy now

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Christmas Suite for soprano, trumpet (or piccolo trumpet or flugelhorn) and organ was commissioned by the Swedish congregation of Espoo in 1999 to celebrate the new millennium. The texts (in Swedish) include Medieval prayers praising Mary and Psalm 96. Duration 16 min.
Score & trumpet part 55011-730-3, 24,90 € Buy now

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Seppo Pohjola composed his fifth string quartet in winter 2018. He was inspired to write it by a visit to the van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam the previous year, where he was greatly impressed by the vast, comprehensive retrospective and especially the horrifyingly honest self-portraits. The soft opening tones bear an instruction alluding to Schönberg’s Verklärte Nacht string sextet: the quiet music must be richly shaded. Dur. 20 minutes.
Score & parts 55011-689-4, 39,90 € Buy now

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The long-waited solo part with piano reduction and study score for Hakola's Clarinet Concerto finally available! The concerto created world-wide buzz after its premiere in 2001, which was augmented after the CD release. It is a rich and original work in 4 movements lasting some 40 minutes.
Solo part & piano reduction 55011-708-2, 29,90 € Buy now
Study score 55011-107-3, 99,50 € Buy now

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Sinuhe is based on the best-seller book by Mika Waltari and it acts as an example of a Finnish composition founded on a non-Finnish subject handled in a non-National-Romantic way. The Oriental moods and the Nile do not correspond to the view of a Finnish composition as one favouring topics from the national epic, the Kalevala, and lakeland scenery. The ballet’s combination of a historical subject with an exotic, stylised idiom showed that Englund had his finger on the international pulse, like Barber’s Medea and Khachaturian’s Spartacus.
55011-717-4, 99,90 € Buy now

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Duettini for two double basses by László Rossa and Bérengère Scheppler brings along chamber music from the very beginning! In these 15 miniature duos the easy first double bass part consists of only open strings and natural harmonics. This part is to be played by the beginner whilst the second part is intended for an advanced pupil or the teacher.
55011-683-2, 26,10 € Buy now

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Englund's Piano Trio (1982) is sombre in mood. In the second movement, Englund’s trademark playfulness carries a hint of sarcasm and at times builds up to a wild militant dance before finally melting into reconciliation. The piano part is the manuscript of the composer.
Piano score & string parts 55011-704-4, 39,90 € Buy now

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Uuno Klami (1900–1961) was an acclaimed orchestral composer whose works in other genres also deserve to be known. This edition of chamber music composed by him between 1917 and 1952 was edited by pianist Esa Ylönen and composer Eero Kesti.
Piano score & string parts 55011-703-7, 15,50 € Buy now

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The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra’s commission series Helsinki Variations presents works by Seppo Pohjola and Kimmo Hakola. Pohjola's Juuret (Roots) is to be premiered on 24 November, and the Helsinki Philharmonic, conducted by Nils Schweckendiek, will also present works by Erik Bergman in the program to be repeated on 25.11. and later available online on HKO Screen.
Kimmo Hakola's Wake! will receive its premiere on 8. December with Susanna Mälkki conducting. According to Hakola his work is a proclamation for our time that awakens humanity to live more responsibly and bury the selfishness that destroys lives.

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The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra under Dima Slobodeniouk is to premiere the Symphony No. 7 by Paavo Heininen on 26 November. Lasting 32 minutes, the symphony was written last year, and despite suffering from very poor health, Heininen has managed to complete a further eighth symphony.

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Rantala's exciting opera commission Die Zaubermelodika was premiered at the Komische Oper Berlin on 24. October. A sequel to Mozart's Magic Flute, the new opera features the same cast with a comic Rantala twist to the libretto by Minna Lindgren. The opera was met with an enthusiastic audience and reviews, which praised that the opera was a successful, delighful combination of musical, jazz and opera. See a short trailer of the performance.

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Der unveröffentlichte Film der Eva Braun (The unpublished tape of Eva Braun) by Pasi Lyytikäinen received several performances during the autumn season. This short monologue opera is a highly entertaining show: an absurd, surreal description of the aging Eva Braun tracing her life, choices, regrets and forgotten dreams. The music moves forward with a drive and includes catchy stylistic allusions: folk songs, marches and jazzy schlagers in cabaret style. See a video clip.

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Lotta Wennäkoski is the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra’s spotlight composer for the 2021/2022 season. Flounce and Sedecim are in the concert program during the autumn, followed in January by the Flute Concerto, Soie. The Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) has commissioned a new work from her: a Harp Concerto to be premiered at the FRSO concert on 18 May. The soloist will be Sivan Magen and the conductor the FRSO’s new Chief Conductor Nicholas Collon.

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The New York Philharmonic 2021–22 season includes the US Premiere of Saudade by Lithuanian composer Žibuoklė Martinaitytė on 17–19 February 2022 led by Santtu-Matias Rouvali. Fennica Gehrman has recently signed a publishing agreement with Martinaitytė who is said to be the next trending Baltic composer. Saudade is one of the four orchestral works released recently on CD by Ondine Records.

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The Avanti! Chamber Orchestra premiered a Concert Overture by Jean Sibelius in Helsinki on 26 May 2022. The concert was broadcast at YLE and it is also available on YouTube. The concert was conducted by Tuomas Hannikainen, who discovered the Sibelius material while studying the manuscript of the opera The Maiden in the Tower. The 12-minute piece is written for small chamber orchestra (1121-2110-02-str, perc: Tamburino, Gran cassa, Piatto, Triangolo). Rental material is available from Fennica Gehrman e.g. via Zinfonia. The score is for sale in our web shop. On our Sibelius page you can browse sample pages of the score and read the editorial.

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Fennica Gehrman has signed a publishing agreement with Iiro Rantala. His opera Die Zaubermelodika was premiered at the Komische Oper Berlin on 24. October 2021. Rantala's Double Concerto for violin, piano and orchestra is to be premiered in January 2022 by the Deutsche Kammerphilharmonie Bremen, his orchestra partner for many years. There are also plans to perform Rantala’s first opera, Pikaparantola (Sanatorio Express), in an English version in Australia. Fennica Gehrman has published two new Rantala collections: Ajatuksia (Pieces of My Mind) and Hymyilevä Apollo (Smiling Apollo) which are available in our web shop.

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The BIS CD featuring choral works by Alex Freeman has been met with great enthusisam. According to the reviews "Anyone loving contemporary a cappella choral music will appreciate the impressive Requiem ‘Under the Arching Heavens’ by Freeman. The largely tonal Requiem has a highly individual tonal language…" Included on the disc by Nils Schweckendiek and the Helsinki Chamber Choir is also A Wilderness of Sea. More information and sound samples are available on BIS's home page.

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Click here to go to our composers page where you will find information and sound samples about composers whose works we represent. Included is also a list of anniversaries and repertoire tips. Our catalogue covers a broad spectrum of contemporary and classical music from Finland and Estonia. We also represent works by Shostakovich, Prokofieff and Khachaturian in Finland.

Yhdessä pianolla
sai alkunsa tekijöiden innosta kehittää pianonsoiton ryhmätunteja: luoda uutta materiaalia yhdessä soitettavaksi sekä tarjota monipuolista ja luovaa näkökulmaa muusikkouteen vapaan säestyksen, improvisoinnin ja säveltämisen kautta. Kirjan kappaleet koostuvat tuttujen kansanlaulujen ja klassisen musiikin teosten sovituksista sekä uusista sävellyksistä. Mukana melodia-, sävel- ja rytmikortit, joita voi käyttää improvisointi- ja sävellystehtävissä tai apuvälineenä rytmien ja nuottien opetteluun vaikkapa muistipeliä pelaten. Kirjalla on oma YouTube -kanava, ja kappaleita pääsee kuulemaan myös QR-koodeilla. Oppilaan kirja / Opettajan opas

Paris Impressions is Heikki Sarmanto's inspiring and lovely piano album! These 20 jazzy pieces are full of nostalgia and love for Paris in improvised variations. Buy now
See sample pages:
Les Lilas
Les Bouquinistes
Foire du Trone

Around the World in 30 Pit-Stops / Maailman ympäri 30 biisissä
is Sami Juntunen's collection of exciting piano pieces designed to cast you into a whirl-pool of world music with rhythms, harmonies and melodies of different cultural and geographical regions. Watch the videos in Youtube! / Buy now
Remember also Gettin' into Groove (Rytmimusiikin etydejä) by Juntunen - a 154-page book and a treasure trove for pianists who want to play soul, blues boogie-woogie, funk, disco etc. Buy now

Ihanuuksien ihmemaa on
Jukka Nykäsen ihastusta herättänyt pianosovitusten kokoelma
, jonka tyylilajit liikkuvat ennakkoluulottomasti iloitellen musiikin historiassa. Tämä kokoelma vie sydämesi! Osta verkkokaupasta / Esipuhe / Sisältö / Näytesivuja: Karjalan kunnailla - Romanssi (Fougstedt) - Hyljätyn valitus - Suvivirsi