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Salon Latino (2017–21) has three movements: 1. Salsa y guacamole combines jazz and samba, 2. Fresas con crema is a slow Venezuelan merengue and 3. Tequila y tacos is a joropo from the eastern llanos of Colombia. The first two movements serve very well as student material for young trumpetists. Buy now

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Tuomas Turriago’s Sonata for Guitar solo (2019, rev. 2020) reflects the main source of anguish of the 21st century: according to the composer things are growing so fast that we can´t keep up with the pace. That is true of global warming, of population, of economy, of pandemics.
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Venezuelan trumpet virtuoso Pacho Flores asked Tuomas Turriago to write a piece for a recital in April 2019. The composer tells: "My half-Colombian soul fell in love with the Venezuelan dance merengue at once when it was introduced to me and it has been an important construction material in my music ever since. I decided to combine two of my favourite rhythms, tango and merengue; hence the name Tanguerengue. It is one of my happiest compositions and gives an enormous amount of room for groovy rhythmical play and limitless trumpet virtuosity."
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Tuomas Turriago's works often have an autumnal character, which is also the case of this piano piece. The fast middle section has relations to his first piano sonata, and his passion for jazz is clearly audible.
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Turriago's Sonata for Flute and Piano was commissioned by Sami Junnonen. The work is unusually dark in character. The Sonata reflects Turriago's feelings about the scary and grim future of humankind facing the climate change and erratic world politics.
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Gravity Groove
Turriago's Sonata for Alto Saxophone and Piano was commissioned by Joonatan Rautiola. The work was written in two distinctly separate stages in 2008 and in 2018. In the finale of the Sonata Turriago uses Venezuelan merengue rhythm. The finale ends the work in an euphoric mood. 55011-451-7, € 29,50 Buy now

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Concerto for Chamber Ensemble

Per aspera for ensemble
Kreeta-Julia Heikkilä, violin, Roope Gröndahl, piano, Veera Myllyniemi, clarinet and Jaani Helander, cello

Jitters for solo piano
Anton Mejias, piano

Tanguerengue for trumpet and piano
Pacho Flores, trumpet, Tuomas Turriago, piano

Tuomas Turriago

Tuomas Turriago (b.1979) is composer, pianist and conductor. His works include the Concerto for Chamber Ensemble (2017), commissioned and premiered by the TampereRaw in 2018 in a concert series of the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, and Per aspera, variations for piano, violin, cello and clarinet dating from 2013.

As a composer Turriago aims at composing easily accessible and player-friendly music that is free from any isms or classifications. He is especially known for his chamber music and he has an ambitious project aiming to compose a sonata for every instrument. They include e.g. the Sonata for Trumpet and Piano (2011) and the Sonata for Tuba and Piano (2010), both commissioned by the Lieksa Brass Week. His Sonata for alto Saxophone and Piano will be premiered at the Gap international saxophone festival in July 2018 and the Sonata for Flute and Piano is to be heard for the first time in Helsinki in November 2018. Turriago's piano piece Jitters (2017) won the second prize in a composition competition organized by the Tampere Piano Association and was a compulsory competition piece in the semi-finals of the Tampere Piano Competition.

Tuomas Turriago is an active solo pianist and conductor of the contemporary music ensemble TampereRaw. He is founding member and conductor of the Tampere Chamber Opera Association and also Senior Lecturer for Accompaniment at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

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