Nordic Highlights 4/2020

Highlights is our newsletter focusing on classical and contemporary music from the Nordic countries. You can download the most recent Highlights and find here in-depth material of music presented in it.

News from our composers

New Antti Auvinen release
Ondine Records has released a CD of orchestral music by Antti Auvinen. The disc was so keenly awaited that the first imprint went entirely on pre-orders. Critics have been enthusisastic as you can read from the article in our latest Highlights. Read more aboout the CD and listen to sound samples on Ondine's web site.

Joonas Kokkonen centenary in 2021
Next year will mark the centenary of the birth of Joonas Kokkonen. A leading figure in the history of Finnish music, he is especially known for his symphonies and his opera The Last Temptations which will be performed at Jyväskylä Theatre from 31 December 2021 onwards; the Jyväskylä Sinfonia will be conducted by Ville Matvejeff. Fennica Gehrman has published a piano reduction of the opera to honour the centenary.

The House of the Sun to be staged
Einojuhani Rautavaara’s chamber opera The House of the Sun (Auringon talo)  is to be staged by the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences on 9, 10 and 11 April 2021. The conductor will be Mikko Franck and the stage director Ville Saukkonen.

Acclaim for Kalevi Aho CD
BIS Records’ new Kalevi Aho CD containing the Percussion Concerto Sieidi and the 5th Symphony has had a truly enthusiastic reception in the media. Lahti Symphony Orchestra is conducted by Dima Slobodeniouk, and the soloist is Colin Currie. The CD was voted Music Web’s record of the month in October. Listen to sound samples on BIS Records' web site.

Joulujazzia / Christmas Jazz for piano
Pianist and singer Tessa Virta has arranged 15 Christmas songs for piano with an irresistible jazz touch. Tessa's YouTube video presents highlights from the album.