Colour Keys

Colour Keys - the Piano ABC
by Arja Suorsa-Rannanmäki

Inspired by the Colourstrings method the Colour Keys is an inspiring tutor designed for small beginners. The book also applies the ideas of Kodály in emphasizing the inner hearing skills through audio-visual means. New ideas are offered gradually, e.g. the coloured staff is constructed from a single-line staff to a five-line staff. A Little DO wandering on the keyboard suggests transposition. Transposing slip will guide transposition and functions in every key.
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A separate teacher's guide is now available in English and in Finnish! It offers pedagogical information and  illustrates the story of Little DO's trip to the Musicland. The book also includes supporting material, e.s. a coloured slip to be placed behind the keys.
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Read more about the method:
Foreword in English
Foreword in Finnish

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