High acclaim for Antti Auvinen

Antti Auvinen has been much in the limelight due to his new CD, which sold out even before its official release. His music is said to include many superlatives such as “the most energy or the most extreme effects”. The Ondine disc by the Finnish RSO and Hannu Lintu includes three works – Junker Twist, Himmel Punk and Turbo Aria  – and has met with great enthusiasm. According to the critics, Auvinen’s finest talent is in the chillingly clear musical images that emerge from the pressurised fury. His timbral palette and its masterful handling are astounding. After the ‘punkier’ tones, we are transported to heavenly, strangely luminous and glowing spheres in which Auvinen convincingly demonstrates that he truly does have more strings to his bow than noise and tumult.